Thorbjørnrud Hotel

Thorbjørnrud Hotel

The food hotel Thorbjørnrud

There are not many hotels like Thorbjørnrud. Imagine a hotel restaurant that gets all the meat they need from their own farm. A hotel where the chefs pick vegetables, berries and herbs from their own garden and can get as much cheese as they want from the hotel's own cheese factory. A hotel where the hotel manager brews beer for his guests, and the hotel owner milks cows in the mornings and welcomes more than 300 lambs each spring. A hotel where most of the food served is non-traveled and produced by the people who run it. A hotel where food enthusiasm runs so deep that one has chosen to say that we follow our food all the way from earth to table.

Thorbjørnrud has within a few years gone from being a traditional conference hotel to becoming a renowned local food producer offering hotel guests non-traveled food, inspirational food courses, lectures, tastings and guided tours. The hotel is also reaping praise and awards for several of its cheeses, and is becoming a food destination for anyone who is excited about - and interested in - sustainable local food production.

Thorbjørnrud Hotel is located 20 minutes from Øvre Kjekshus Gård. Of course, a visit to the farm can be combined with conferences, accommodation and several activities and unique dining experiences at the hotel.

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