Thorbjørnrud Hotel

The animals

The animals

Øvre Kjekshus is home to more than 500 happy cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. It is also home to two cuddly cats and the shepherd dog Ylva, who is incredibly eager in her service and forgets everything else if she can move sheep. We have 50 dairy cows, 60-70 calves and young animals, 200 winter fed sheep, of which 160 dairy sheep and 40 Norwegian Spæl. We also have about 100 pigs and 70 happy hens that provide us with eggs every day.







Turning grass into food
We practice grazing as much as possible. The outlying pasture is top notch and important in preserving the cultural landscape around us. Through grazing, we bind CO2, safeguard biological diversity and create the satisfaction and enjoyment of most people, both residents and guests in the village.

The grass that grows in the pasture is only transformed into human food by four-legged animals with several stomachs. We personally think it is pure magic that the meat and cheeses we serve at Øvre Kjekshus and Thorbjørnrud Hotell, are simply a refined version of the same green grass that surrounds us here on the farm.

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