Thorbjørnrud Hotel

The food

From earth to table

The food at Øvre Kjekshus is more non-travelled than short-travelled. Everything we serve of ham, meat, pates and cured meat is made from the animals that live here on the farm and graze freely in the outfield around Øvre Kjekshus all summer. We also grow our own vegetables, herbs and berries from the garden at Thorbjørnrud and the garden here at Øvre Kjekshus.

Cheese from our own cheese factory
The cheeses we serve are from "our own cheese factory" at Thorbjørnrud Hotel. Every week, many thousands of liters of fresh milk from Øvre Kjekshus are transported down to what we assume must be Norway's only hotel cheese factory. Here the milk is turned into wonderful cheeses, which we get back to the farm when the time is ripe. We are the only farm in Norway to milk sheep to a greater extent. We offer cheeses made on both cow's and sheep's milk, an added bonus for cheese enthusiasts!

- Cheese and cured meats
- Raclette from our own cheese factory (voted one of the world's best cheeses!)
- The farmer's classic stew
- Barbeque; meat and vegetables from the farm
- Fine dining (note: up to 25 people)



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